School meals 
Needy Families to get Food

January 27, 2021 View
Trump Administration follows the Food Bo…
January 20, 2021 View
A Nonprofit Helps Neighbors Eat Healthy,…
January 18, 2021 View
Florida City People gets help by stolen …
Sherina Jones poses with one of her community …                	  	  	</div>
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                	  	  	<span class=January 18, 2021 View
JCPD Food Program runs out of Food
Joesy…                	  	  	</div>
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Pandemic makes US Food Banks Overwhelmed
In Alexandria, Virginia, a …                	  	  	</div>
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People getting more hungry nowadays
People with Shopping Carts at McArthur Foodbank
December 29, 2020 View
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